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LED lighting industry——rapid development, wide application, and huge scope of development

Author : Sled Date : 3/15/2012 11:49:51 AM

 With people's increased environmental awareness, and the will to promote energy-saving products, the lighting industry has become one of the people's hot topics on the energy saving and environmental protectionc. When it comes to green lighting, energy saving and environmental protection, people will first think of LED lighting which is not only of long life, low energy consumption, small size, fast response, the seismic resistance to low temperature, less pollution and many other advantages. Its use is very broad, such as LED lamps is first to be applied as street light with strong government support at the national implemented under large lighting projects. There are some large-scale landscape lighting lighting LED lamps such as the Beijing Olympic Games, World Expo, the Asian Games, which had demonstrated its advantages.

    Very rapid pace of development of the LED lighting, LED lamps in recent years the progress in technical and LED production in general is beyond the expectations of the market, promote the use of living expand the scope of indoor lighting, street lights and other outdoor lighting applications tend the field and get the support of the people. Visible LED lighting is a very powerful sunrise industry, the continuous development of LED lighting companies, the rapid growth of new enterprises, the LED lighting market is saturated so far.
  To lighting users are usually understanding of LED lighting are mostly used for general promotion of energy saving and other advantages of long life LED lighting, there are many other advantages need further insight into. The first LED lamps is no longer confined to the unity of tone, colorful lights appeared in the place; the application is very flexible, based on the volume size used in the home, office occasions, and entertainment; followed the trend, green. Less pollution natural, low-E; user-friendly design. According to the loudness of sound control, to control the weather changes.

    LED applications, the first people familiar worry the most prominent is the large advertising display, but beyond that objective widely used in the field of architectural lighting, traffic lighting, commercial lighting and home lighting applications. LED as a key urban architectural landscape lighting, can flourish and be able to simulate the wear and tear and maintenance costs of any color, luminous flux is also greatly reduced in the outline contour. Due to small size, LED suitable for making into lines of lamps, LED lights made to the direction of the trails and lanes, safe, reliable, durable.

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