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China to adopt energy saving led lights

Author : Zhang Rui Date : 12/21/2011 11:26:16 AM

As one of the biggest manufacturers and consumers of incandescent lights, China has laid out a road map to gradually phase out the energy wasting lights in five years. Plans are already underway to switch to more energy-saving LED lights, to both offset energy costs while protecting the environment.

Incandescent lights are set to be switched off, for good.

The lights will be replaced by more energy efficient bulbs

According to a newly published roadmap, China plans to get rid of the country’s outdated and energy intensive incandescent lamps one step at a time over the next five years.

Peixin Xu, deputy director of China Materials Energy Conservation Center, said: “For China, phasing out incandescent lights is a revolutionary move to build up an energy-saving society, switching all the incandescent lamps to energy-saving lights or LED lights could reduce electricity use. For instance, with the same watt, a LED light could save up to 80% compared to incandescent light.”

This shopping mall in Beijing has been a pioneer in utilizing LED lights.

The newly renovated 2000 square meter food court looks no different than other dining areas. But all 500 lights are LED lights, meaning a savings of up to one hundred and forty thousand yuan a year. And the food court’s pilot program is just the start. The shopping mall plans to put LED lights in other areas too.

Jinglong Liu, manager of Cuiwei Shopping Center, said: "We plan to replace all lamps with LED lights not only in this store, but also in all satellite stores in other parts of Beijing. We think that using energy-saving light systems is not only about cost, it is actually a social responsibility for to ensure a sustainable society. "

By 2016, when all the incandescent lights are phased out, the plan is expected to cut around 48 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions a year. However, experts say at this point, the general public may need some time to get used to the relatively expensive LED lights.

Peixin Xu said: "Right now, because of the cheap price, incandescent bulbs are still popular among Chinese families, some people think it is not worth buying it. Actually we need to get the message across, that in the long-run, much more durable, and highly energy-efficient LED lights will offset the cost. "

In the next four years, China is hoping that LED lights will count for at least 30 percent of the market. Making sure the country uses the most efficient technology available will help keep China’s future, out of the dark.

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