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2011 Japan ranked environmental goods - LED lights gained much attention

Author : Super LED Date : 12/19/2011 11:27:21 AM

    With energy-saving trend higher, probably the most talked about products to the number of LED (light emitting diode) bulbs. In the survey, the "earthquake more attention in the selection of merchandise areas," the inquiry, the answer is the largest number of "fluorescent lamp" of 38.1%. In the three years to purchase 77.5% of consumers said "concerned about environmental protection."

    Toshiba company is ranked first prize. Number of people buying the same top. However, evaluation of environmental performance of the individual, the situation is slightly different. 10 projects, 9 projects Panasonic ranked first in the next want to buy companies, ranking higher than the Toshiba, Panasonic.

    Although the survey alone is difficult to draw conclusions, but according to common sense reasoning, Toshiba's evaluation of environmental goods to be the reason why, is not that the environmental performance, but from its use of LED light bulbs contribute to environmental attitude, for example, in 2009 launched the first practical large-scale enterprises in the level of the LED light bulbs, incandescent bulbs in 2010 first cut-off and so on.

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