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DOE update incandescent light bulbs for energy efficiency must reach 45Lm/W

Author : Date : 2/27/2016 9:54:13 PM

The new bulb DOE proposed energy efficiency standards, a complete outline of the phase-out process, so that does not match the efficiency of incandescent light bulbs can be phased out. A legal basis from 2007 through Congress by the bipartisan bill and get industry support.
If the United States is about 4 billion lamp holders are fitted with energy-saving light bulbs compliant, American consumers and the entire industry will thus be able to save about $ 12.5 billion per year (about 81.65 billion yuan), and also enjoy cleaner air as well as a healthier environment.

This time, according to DOE updated specification, as of 2020, incandescent bulbs must achieve 45 lumens per watt, and encompasses all bulbs and fluorescent bulbs, including LED lamps must be able to achieve higher energy efficiency.

Although this DOE updated specification enables manufacturers have the opportunity to re-modified 125-year-old incandescent bulbs to meet specifications, but the fact that manufacturers have long moved all the R & D resources to provide superior energy efficiency of LED bulbs. Future replace 100-watt incandescent bulbs may be just only 20 watts, and the same excellent luminous efficiency LED bulbs.

Currently there are 28 EU countries are to phase out incandescent bulbs and halogen bulbs, is expected in 2018 in the full-out, this time even a year and a half earlier than the scheduled time history of the United States.

DOE published proposals will help American consumers save purse, but still requires consumers to change their habits and start to buy LED bulbs.

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